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Why branding is critical to your success!

Without a successful branding, your brand won't stand a chance in the market. It is the most essential and targeted marketing tool that should be your top priority right from the start. Why? Well, successful branding gives your brand what it needs: recognition! That is why it is essential to design and shape your own brand in such a way that it achieves this recognition value. Only in this way can your brand and your company be successful.

Stand out from the crowd with a successful branding

Every brand aims to stand out from the crowd and turn a first-time customer into a regular customer. In a pond full of competitors, this is not an easy task, especially if the same target group is to be addressed. That's why branding is the first step in getting noticed and differentiated in the marketplace. The branding creates the brand perception, lets you stand out from your competitors and even creates emotional connections to the target group.

What does branding include?

Branding doesn't just refer to the logo of a company or brand. The logo is of course included and is an important part of brand management. First and foremost, the most important thing is to create a branding and thus arouse emotions. The logo is just one step, but it shouldn't be the first step.

Brand management involves a lot of brainstorming and work. There are a few points to keep in mind and it is a longer way to brand your own brand or company. Many steps have to be taken before the logo can even be created. First a market strategy has to be developed. There are numerous questions that need to be answered in advance:

  • Who are you?
  • What's your USP? (Unique Selling Point - USP)
  • Define your brand mission statement!
  • What does your company stand for?
  • What is your target audience?

Building on this, you create your brand identity.

Build your brand identity!

Now is the time to give your brand or company an incomparable identity. Here, too, there are numerous elements that must be heeded:

  • Brand language (e.g. formal, youthful, casual, etc.)
  • typography
  • Brand colors
  • Graphic design / imagery

The definition of the brand language should definitely be done before the definition of typography, brand color and graphic design / imagery. Because the choice of elements depends on it. With a formal brand language, the font, color and graphic design must exude competence; with a relaxed, youthful language, the font, color and graphic design can also appear groovy.

After the definition: Creation of a branding book

At FYNEST, we always recommend a branding book and create it ourselves if a client requests a branding from us.

The branding book contains all the important information about a brand that companies can refer to again and again if they are planning external appearances and want to do this internally in their own company. But the branding book is also an orientation for partners who bring companies on board, such as graphic designers, social media managers, agencies, etc.

The following points must be described and presented in the branding book:

  • Brand history
  • logo
  • typography
  • Color Codes
  • Imagery
  • Brand language

All of the points mentioned must also be defined and described. For example, there are often variations in logos (e.g. light logo, dark logo, lettering, logo element, etc.). It must be clear when which variation is used, how the colors are used and where which imagery appears.

The brand or the company must be immediately recognizable with these elements. That is why branding must also have consistency and should follow a central theme that is always maintained.

What happens after the branding is defined?

After the branding has been defined, the brand or company is ready for the market and the external appearance. Once the branding has been defined, the website can start: websites, landing pages and social media channels. Printed matter such as folders, business cards and posters can be created. The bottom line: everything that the company needs for its external appearance can emerge below.

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A blog post by CTO Bernd Trummer

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