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We analyze your traffic.

What is the website basis check in detail?

Did digitization leave its mark on you, too? Good, because neither do we! That's why we analyze your website and help you to generate more know-how from your data.

It's THAT easy!

site analysis

Your individual dashboard included

  • Website impressions of the last months
  • Keyword Ranking & SEO Check
  • trend analysis
  • targeted traffic evaluation
  • Optimization Matrix

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1. analysis

In the first step, we take a look at the technical structure of the website and use predefined KPIs to analyze the traffic, keywords and search impressions of the last few weeks and months. 

2. visualization

After completing our initial analysis, we prepare all the collected data in a short report and summarize the most important points again in an overview for you. 

3. optimization

You get access to the entire report and all KPIs, which now enable you to optimize your website in a targeted manner. We would also be happy to support you in the evaluation or in gathering detailed insights.

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In 3 short steps you will receive your performance analysis for the right optimization of your data!

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Write us a message and find out how easy it is for you to work on your company or your strategy without any worries. Take care of the important things, we'll take care of your worries!

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