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dr Uwe Seebacher - the FYNEST Companion

Strong partners are essential for successful growth. If they bring a large portion of knowledge and are home to a valuable wealth of experience, they are an outstanding asset to a company. Fresh motivation is created, goals are approaching immediately and the new input that is brought in is of inestimable added value - especially for our clients, whom we are allowed to accompany on their journey.

That is why we are all the more pleased, Dr. To welcome Uwe Seebacher to our FYNEST team. Globally on the move and internationally recognized, Uwe is not only characterized by his expertise in the areas of B2B marketing, corporate communications and data-driven management. He also publishes his top-class specialist knowledge in specialist literature, which has already been published extensively for Springer Verlag. In addition, Uwe very sympathetically hosts his own podcast on the subject of B2B marketing, which is now heard in well over 60 countries.

When Uwe is not pushing our clients or the FYNEST team forward, he holds a chair at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences as an economics professor.

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Uwe Seebacher is your personal companion

With more than 25 years of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur, investor and manager, Uwe has the right instinct for marketing and success. He shines with innovative concepts, initiatives and projects and is therefore the right partner for companies of all sizes. Whether start-ups, SMEs, corporations, companies in growth or stagnation - Uwe has practical know-how and knows exactly how he has to intervene as a companion in order to promote the success of companies. With his solution-oriented way of thinking, he has made a name for himself on the international market. No wonder that Uwe has already worked with recognized companies such as Andritz AG.

With his stringent commitment to sustainable corporate growth, he has paved the way for many companies and institutions to implement effective and efficient management practices. We are pleased that our clients will now benefit from Uwe's methods and structures. He always treats them as equals, because Uwe has understood: advice was yesterday, support is the future.

In this sense, another important reminder: Likes don't pay your bills. Sales and Uwe's expertise do!

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