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Talking is gold

Communication is a complex topic. Whether we talk or remain silent, stand still or move - everything is expressed: Physiognomy, facial expressions, gestures, language.

How do we talk to each other? How do we treat each other? How can we prevent misunderstandings and minimize conflicts? How do we reduce lost time or complaints due to incomplete information?

The top priority of management is to organize cooperation; this works best by talking. Written messages, such as e-mail, are one-way information and can be useful, especially with attachments. Written form is also essential when it comes to purely factual information for order processing. The spoken word is more effective for direct work with one another, for actual cooperation; Non-verbal gestures such as disregard or disregard are immediately noticeable and recognizable. Addressing and eliminating grievances right from the start saves time and unnecessary grief. No machine can convey politeness, tact, respect, and humor; and new ideas can also best be further developed in dialogue.

Disruptions at the relationship level prevent factual content from being fully received.

As a manager, you are a role model and resolve discrepancies in good time:
You will actively approach shy colleagues and support them in clearing up unpleasant matters. Resolving conflicts is a skill that can be learned and that strengthens self-esteem. Arguments are an asset to the team if they are handled positively. Mutual trust will also grow if what is disturbing can be discussed without fear.

The following applies to employees:
Be open; talk to your colleagues or your supervisor about problems at an early stage; draw attention to discrepancies; Ask questions.

How we learn to talk

You can only learn to speak by speaking. “Talking is silver, silence is gold,” says a proverb. This means that listening is more important than speaking - it is not for nothing that people have only one mouth but two ears.

In the event of disagreements, it is important to address them early on. This serves the psycho-hygiene of all concerned and the further togetherness. So when it comes to actively cultivating interpersonal relationships, talking is gold.

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