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Successful trainee recruiting with CRO

Due to the current multiple crises, the War for Talents drastically worsened. Companies around the world are having increasing problems getting applications for the many thousands of job advertisements that are posted. The world of work has changed from a searcher to a sought-after market and thus caught the entire HR industry on the wrong foot. Placing job advertisements is no longer enough, because the GenZ and today's Young Professionals are no longer looking for a job, but for development opportunities, stories, background information, values and visions. This is nothing new for marketers for a long time now content marketing has found its way into marketing for years. Customers no longer buy products, but rather stories. And the same is now happening in the area of personnel management and specifically in recruiting.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

CRO is an approach with which many different parameters are technically evaluated and optimized for conversion, not only in terms of content - i.e. visible on the website or landing page, but above all also in the background. It's about things like:

  • Which content is placed how and where?
  • Which Call-2-Action (C2A) is set where in order to achieve a desired action on the part of the visitor?
  • Are all headings and hierarchies set and filled?
  • Do the text lengths correspond to the ideal values for search algorithms?
  • Are the RAM values of the page (touchpoint) sufficient to ensure an optimal loading time of the content?


If CRO is implemented actively and professionally in the HR area, the performance of HR campaigns can be significantly increased. However, one has current investigation the University of Munich under the direction of Prof. Dr. Uwe Seebacher among more than 100 companies in the DACH region showed that the websites and landing pages in most cases massive CRO deficits exhibit. That means most agencies and service providers don't even master CRO themselves. But that is the all-important criterion, so that recruiting campaigns have a corresponding Recruiting Return on Invest (RRoI) can realize. 

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Fig.: Comparison of Fynest CRO-based recruiting campaigns in comparison to the HR industry

What matters!

Both the CRO application and the simple and effective definition and implementation of the respective are decisive Candidate Journey (CJ). It represents the ideal process that a relevant candidate should go through. The CJ is thus an essential part of a Employer branding concept – namely also for the exact definition of the respective target group of candidates to be reached. In marketing jargon, one speaks in this context of a so-called Candidate persona.


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Fig.: Model of a candidate journey according to Seebacher (2022)

This is how performance works in trainee recruiting!


core of trainee campaigns is a CRO landing page with the following structure:

  • Header incl. CTA
  • Welcoming video / personal Presentation by an MA
  • "About the job" -> Brief general description of the position
  • Reference videos from MAs 
  • Application process (in 4 steps)
  • Short summary + CTA


This content and formats should be used for top-performing campaigns:

  • Website: 1x video on the position including CTA and 3-4 short videos as reference for applications (inside stories)
  • Campaigning: Moving image content in several subject variants and optionally also static image 


Of the specific application process must then be slim and short, so that the response rate is optimal. This is done on the basis of best practice using the following elements:

  • Direct application form (without CV), where only contact details need to be provided
  • Process must last less than a minute, eg through 8 - 10 short fields 


Folie2 4 advertising agency Graz Fynest
Fig.: Realized results of a trainee campaign

Observing the tips and tricks described above helps to quickly convert recruiting campaigns, which also have a lasting effect on the Brand Activation in the meaning of employer branding Pay to your organization. 

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