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Portfolio: Web design for Earthmoving Schmelzer

With his Amistyle excavator, Daniel Schmelzer is probably the most conspicuous earthwork company in Graz. In order to bring a breath of fresh air to his website, this time, for once, it was not he who was on duty around the clock, but we at FYNEST.

We helped Erdbewegung Schmelzer Graz to create a new, modern, clean and clear website with SEO-optimized content and fresh texts. The website was supplemented with images that were optimally matched to the branding of Erdbewegung Schmelzer Graz.

Branding and logo for Earthmoving Schmelzer

Both the branding and the logo have been adopted. FYNEST made sure that this branding achieved a recognition effect on the website. The main focus was on the radiant turquoise blue as the key color of Erdbewegung Schmelzer. This color is used as a key color throughout the website and appears on every page.

Color world Schmelzer scaled 1 advertising agency Graz Fynest

The structure

The construction and the immediate elaboration and visibility of the motion points of earthmoving Schmelzer was particularly important. The special features of the company (round-the-clock service, emergency service, range of services) should be immediately visible. A presentation of the entrepreneur and an FAQ page round off the entire structure.

New pictures

Another requirement was the creation of new photos, which should stand out from conventional construction company websites. Nevertheless, it was important to keep an authentic line in order to continue to appeal to the target group of Earthmoving Schmelzer. That is why authenticity has been mixed with a touch of aesthetics.

When editing the image, we focused on the brilliance of the excavator colors. It was important that the red of the American flag stood out.

Daniel Schmelzer Schmelzer Erdbau advertising agency Graz Fynest
Construction site earthmoving Schmelzer advertising agency Graz Fynest
Schmelzer earthmoving excavator Graz
Daniel Schmelzer advertising agency Graz Fynest

The highest demands

The following points were particularly important:

  • Responsive design
  • Fast loading speed
  • SEO search engine optimization
  • Uniform photo editing

We delivered:

  • Clean, clear and responsive design with a fast loading speed for all end devices
  • New worlds of images
  • SEO search engine optimization
  • Texts and new content

Visit Daniel Schmelzer's new website at: www.bagger-graz.at

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