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OTO marketing enables impulse advertising

OTO marketing reinforced by impulse marketing brings and secures customer trust!

What is it called in the case of repainted scrap wagons? Paint doesn't work! This is even more true of glossy advertising. Too often, to be advertised loudly and thus found, ends in an emotional low blow for the customer, who sets negative campaigns in motion in a downward spiral out of frustration.

That means advertising

Advertising means being known and found. At the same time, however, it also means influencing attitudes that are relevant to behavior. Only, advertising, even with the best content, only influences the competence-based customer trust to a maximum of 7%, but all too often tempts to find one hundred percent confirmation of one's own points of view, even deceptive ones. Ergo: Advertising only makes sense if it manages to penetrate this cocoon.

For advertising to really work, it has to be embedded in a comprehensive marketing script - a must. Then: Marketing is the number 1 tool for survival and growth For companies.

OTO marketing - the high school of marketing

Mastering serious marketing experts OTO marketing - the high school of marketing, which is then followed by impulse marketing (-READ HERE-) proper thrust is imparted. Because above all, impulse marketing delivers what will really help in the future: complete customer satisfaction - profitable in the long term - and looking ahead.

It is becoming more and more important to use the so-called one-to-one approach (OTO for short) in individual marketing. Even if online marketing today undoubtedly offers all the opportunities in the world with regard to awareness, one thing must not be forgotten: the more general advertising is and the less sharply a target group is addressed, the more ineffective advertising becomes in terms of business success. An increasing problem is the orientation towards market and motive surveys from yesterday.

OTO marketing is, so to speak, the application tool for setting impulses for the future. In contrast to mass advertising, the individual customer is the focus of all measures. First and foremost, the customer has to be recorded and he ultimately receives individualized communication through the use of modern information and communication technologies. This enables the products and services offered to be designed precisely with minimal effort.

The advantages of OTO marketing

OTO marketing is particularly advantageous for service providers of all kinds. Especially when individual needs are to be addressed. But of course OTO marketing is also suitable for individual and individualized products that are still looking for their niche or customers.

The disadvantages of any conventional advertising can also be compensated for where a holistic script is missing or where unbridled creativity is given free rein on all levels. When it comes to health issues, we want a coordinated therapy plan and not chaos. A sophisticated organization and sequence in productions; this is especially true here.

Thus, it should be noted that any advertising component or marketing script is dubious and requires honestly advertised OTO marketing as an individualized tool. If possible reinforced by expert impulse marketing - because this advertising really helps! This laid the foundation for satisfaction, formation of regular customers and recommendation.

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