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More for Less - Predictive Media Buying (PMB)

Programmatic advertising and switching agencies are like a black box. The customer does not really know what is happening with their own media budget. For six-figure amounts, you often don't even get a clean and detailed overview of the circuits, let alone the tangible results. This is now finally over, because PMB was developed by media experts for industrial companies to generate sales directly from the media budget as part of inbound lead generation. The precise and integrated planning not only money saved – up to 60 (!) percent on the published ad prices, but at the same time a significantly higher and more effective reach with the defined target group – e.g increase the Click-through rate (CTR) by over 400 %. Here is how it goes!

Marketing has to pay off today and be measured in concretely generated sales. transparency is absolutely essential. As a result, marketing managers new strategies have to apply in order not to run the risk of squandering the budget assigned to them in a non-transparent and inefficient manner.  

How is media planning going today? Various agencies pitch for the budget and then boast about who was able to rake in the dazzling budgets. It's also great business, because the agencies earn 15 % of the entire media budget for not much work - and can't even prove what added value is generated for the respective company. But so that economic added value can be realized through the media budget used, modernes media management meet the following criteria:

  • current and relevant aspects and factors of the Corporate or divisional strategy include and "pay into" them
  • planned and upcoming Product Launches consider
  • planned and upcoming events and trade fairs integrate
  • special editions and supplements use and focus
  • Leverage Effects plan in good time through conditions and expenses at events to cost-effectively increase reach
  • as integral part to actively generate and develop leads from inbound lead generation journeys to be developed
  • verifiable and measurable revenue generation contribute.
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Fig.: Sample data from a PMB customer (increase in inbound leads and increase in pages per visit)

Predictive media buying delivers more for less. Direct customer inquiries (inbound leads) can be generated in just one year. For an industrial customer in Germany, more than 30 % inbound leads with a volume of 40 million euros were generated within 12 months. As a result, the client acquisition costs (CAC) were reduced by 43 % and realized 27 % of the total order intake of the industry group.

In addition, savings in the two-digit percentage range are realized by PMB in relation to media purchasing in the first year and the bounce rate (bounce rate) is reduced several times over. This means that the range increases significantly at lower costs. 

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Fig.: Example data from an SME on realized media prices and the four-fold minimized bounce rate through integrated and strategy-based Predictive Media Buying (PMB)

In just a few steps we can start your individual predictive media buying for you. The following steps are run through:

  1. You brief us to the strategic goals of the company, your planned product launches and relevant subjectsMeasure and Events. In addition, we select all currently relevant industry-specific media. 

  2. We create one integrated, CRO-based media plan on. In doing so, we go into detail about the individual focal points of all important target media and define all playouts in mutual consultation.

  3. On this basis we run the operational media buying with focused range optimization and cost reduction. In the foreground of our discussions: an individual basis for cooperation with all media partners. 

  4. We accompany you continuously in the implementation and realization of the integrated media planning. We use a selection of detailed analysis methods in the Conversion Rate Optimized (CRO) media usage back. Above all, it is a direct one Inbound lead generation and the inclusive use of media as part of your customer journeys. 

And if all this still sounds like a dream of the future to you, don't worry - with Predictive Media Buying (PMB) we are setting new standards together! Book a non-binding expert discussion with us today, because the media year 2023 will start shortly to get the best placements.

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