Behind the Scenes: Julie Julsen x mycafeaulait Galentines Day Influencer Campaign | Graz Fynest advertising agency

Behind the Scenes: Julie Julsen x mycafeaulait Galentines Day Influencer Campaign

For our client Julie Julsen, we had the task of implementing a campaign on the subject of "Galentines Day" in cooperation with the influencer channel mycafeaulait. The Carinthian company's exclusive Valentine's Box and its contents, consisting of a chain, watch and six preserved roses, were to be promoted. The box is sold exclusively for Valentine's Day.

Everything was in our hands for the campaign. From the conception to the implementation and finalization of the project.

The idea for the influencer campaign with Julie Julsen x mycafeaulait

The focus was on the topic of “Galentines Day” - a new modern variation on Valentine's Day, which relates to female friendships and which also takes place on February 14th as a counterpart to the Day of Love. This term is particularly popular with single women.

With the topic of “Galentines Day” we succeeded in significantly expanding the target groups. Although the focus is on female friendships, and accordingly women are also the main target group, the attractive visual language is appealing and inspiring, so that men can also get a great gift idea for Valentine's Day. Mainly, however, the main target group of the two channels, which are predominantly female, is addressed.

So we wanted to portray the strong bond of friendship between two women and show that on this day the best friend is also thought of. The focus is on a topic-specific product from the Julie Julsen company - the Valentine's Day box, on which the focus should be directed.

This is how a concept for implementation was created. A video was produced for the social media campaign, which was published in the Instagram stories. The collaboration was rounded off with photographic content for the two social media channels mycafeaulait and juliejulsen_official were created.

Although the product is in the foreground, we managed to create a storytelling for the campaign. The content appears authentic, aesthetic and appealing.

A look behind the scenes at FYNEST

In order to give insights into how the campaign was implemented, we also recorded the day of content production as behind the scenes. It was produced and implemented in the city of Graz. We rely on targeted outdoor and indoor shots. In order to put the product in the limelight, high-quality product photographs could not be missing. The product is also repeatedly referred to in the video, for example through targeted close-ups of the contents in the box.

In principle, an influencer campaign with us works as follows:

  • Targeted communication with our client - all requests are taken into account - in this case we had creative leeway and a lot of freedom
  • rough brainstorming
  • Clustering and targeted creation of a storyboard based on the results from the rough brainstorming
  • Joint team meeting and preparation for the implementation of the campaign
  • Production day
  • Debriefing immediately after everything is "in the box"
  • post processing
  • Sending the draft to the client for approval
  • if necessary rework
  • release
  • publication
  • Community management and promotion
  • Closing / reporting

There are many working steps and hours behind an influencer campaign. But a comprehensive conception, implementation and finalization are matters of the heart to us and always represent the highest priority.

Our results for the influencer campaign by Julie Julsen x mycafeaulait

Last but not least: here are a few results of our collaboration with Julie Julsen.

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