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More than just a selfie ...

If you haven't understood the relevance of influencer marketing, you haven't understood how advertising works in the 21st century. The Graz FYNEST advertising agency will get you back on track and network you with THE celebrities of the digital age!
We are the only advertising agency in Graz that knows both perspectives: the entrepreneur's perspective and the influencer's perspective.

Influencers are an important mouthpiece for your target group. They represent a lot more than just the simple art of selfies. Influencers are authentic and act as the girl or boy next door. That is why they play a role in advertising that should not be underestimated, because they convey the image of a friend. This is exactly the secret recipe for success in influencer marketing. In addition to potential, influencers also have credibility from which you as a company or brand can only benefit.

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We are the only advertising agency in Graz that knows both perspectives!

In advertising, it's not just your own perspective that counts. When it comes to products or companies, we often trust the opinion of those around us. Nowadays we also count our favorite influencers in our environment. Your opinion plays a decisive role in our buying behavior. Does this answer your question, why should you use influencer marketing?

If you count on our influencer marketing agency FYNEST, you've done everything right. As the only advertising agency in Graz, we know the influencer perspective just as well as the entrepreneurial perspective.

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