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Impulse marketing really helps!

Impulse marketing brings and secures market shares!

Marketing is all too often misused as a fashionable term in the present - this is a danger: after all, marketing is the number 1 survival tool for companies. But how does the person seeking help recognize the real marketing expert? 

Take a close look: find the right marketing expert!

Real marketing experts have mastered OTO marketing, the high school of marketing. Marketing experts also use impulse marketing as a tool that is implied in the form of classic marketing tools. This is the only way to create profitable guidelines for advertising and corporate success. 

Marketing is therefore much more than being found, known and attracting attention. Ergo: Advertising without real marketing experts is pointless. 

Impulse marketing: an important advertising tool

Impulse marketing only sometimes corresponds with the customer's ideas and only delivers what ultimately really helps: complete customer satisfaction - profitable in the long term. 

Impulse marketing is one of the most important and most modern customer acquisition processes based on motivation research, where like-minded or dissenting market participants are led into a mutually profitable business relationship without changing attitudes, although this was not the customer's intention.

Impulse marketing is particularly advantageous when different customers with their different views can be grasped as a mental interest group on the part of the provider, as this secures its pioneering role in the offer. Impulse marketing enables the development of new offers with a unique selling point. 

The disadvantages of conventional marketing methods can also be avoided through impulse marketing. So there is no minimization of the contribution margin as with special offers or shopkeepers. There is also no dissatisfaction among customers by attaching so-called "rivets" or comparable products - a win-win relationship. 

Further possible advantages of impulse marketing are the emotional separation of desire and need, the simultaneous filling of gaps in demand, the compensation of affect and complaints and the possibility of cross-product connection with the customer. 

Impulse marketing enables complete customer satisfaction!

Impulse marketing thus enables complete customer satisfaction. But also time and cost savings, the saving of labor and it also enables conflict-free relationships as well as the reduction of tension peaks and allows price-elastic business connections. 

Even if impulse marketing is in truth one of the oldest techniques of mankind and had to be rediscovered, from today's perspective it is a win-win tool and thus the most modern marketing instrument. 

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