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how digital funding pays your bill

How digital funding pays your bill.

Those who do not take this chance will continue to believe that LIKES will pay their bills. Then you are wrong with us, because when we at FYNEST come into play, it is about your sales growth and your profit maximization.

In just 12 months, all of my marketing was automated.
Dieter P., SME Styria

Now it is possible. Immediately recover up to 80 % of the costs as part of a digitization measure from the State of Styria. Many of our customers have already benefited from this and are enthusiastic about how quickly and easily everything went.

There are many different grants, because digitization is becoming more important for domestic companies from year to year. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular can now benefit disproportionately from digitization because the latest technologies in all areas of marketing (B2B, B2C), data-driven management and marketing and sales automation can reach many attractive new sales markets with just a few resources.

More than 7,000 companies benefit!

After just a few months, many domestic companies have already taken advantage of these innovative subsidies and benefited from them. The implementation funding can be applied for for different measures, e.g. for

  • the introduction of an online shop,
  • a business intelligence creation,
  • a dashboard creation,
  • a landing page creation,
  • a search engine optimization (SEO) measure,
  • the optimization or implementation of CRM systems,
  • but also many other eCommerce projects
  • for measures in the field of IT security,
  • and much more.  

There is nothing that is not encouraged.

For example, in addition to the above-mentioned subsidies specifically for Styria, there are also other subsidies for digitization projects. The promotion "Call Freizeit! Digital" is for all small businesses or founders in the specialist group for leisure and sports businesses, and can be applied for for the following services:

  • Digitization measures via new media
  • Online marketing measures such as creating and adapting a website
  • Production of web videos
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

We increased our customer inquiries by 350% within a few months.
Claudia V., SME Styria

So easy!

The good is so close. The process is more than simple. All you have to do is call us and we will go on the journey with you - step by step:

  1. You call us or write us an email.
  2. We'll have a coffee with you and you tell us what you want to do
  3. We listen to you and understand what you want to achieve
  4. Should we realize that there are simpler, cheaper or smarter ways to achieve your goal, we will address this openly
  5. Together we will find the best way to realize your ideas and goals.
  6. We make a concept and a plan out of it
  7. With this plan we will see which of the many grants is the best for you
  8. Then we decide whether we should contact the funding agency together or you alone or fill out the application.
  9. Depending on the situation, we can start work during the application phase or we can wait until you get a funding approval if you are just short of cash, no problem.
  10. As soon as we have implemented the first things, we continuously measure and report to you how we are achieving the jointly defined goals and we look forward to our joint beautiful path to success.

I got 8,000 euros in funding for my new website, which generates 40 % more sales.
Franka J., SME Styria

Funded consultations in three subject areas.

It is now possible to receive subsidized advice from certified experts in the following areas directly in the company:

  • E-commerce and social media
  • Business models and processes
  • IT security

Half-day status and potential analyzes are supported by 80 percent and strategy consultations lasting up to two days are supported by 50 percent.

In addition, as an SME, you can also apply for implementation grants, in which certain investments in projects in the amount of 5,000 to 20,000 euros are funded for you with up to 30 percent.

You can find more information and the possibility to apply at FYNEST!

Call us now and get money for your company!

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