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Do you belong to the 90% ...

...or are you already data-driven? The actual Fujitsu study 2021 puts it in a nutshell: around 90 percent of companies are still "data-blind". They don't plan, don't know where the journey is going and thus risk their business. there is Data-driven management (DGM) no rocket science. Business analytics and business intelligence form the basis for predictive intelligence (PI). PI is the basis for sustainable, profit-maximizing business success. And medium-sized companies in particular, with their limited financial resources, have to plan very precisely where and how they want to position themselves and which markets they want to penetrate....


predictive intelligence


Razor-sharp and accurate! Know what information you need to grow your business sustainably and healthily. The concept is derived from your strategy and shows the way.


Multidimensional and agile! Together we define a tailor-made model of how we connect and evaluate data. And all of this happens without major investments in IT or tools. We use what you have!


Valid and reliable! In relation to your business, we identify relevant structured and unstructured databases and data sources, from which we then transfer the relevant data into your data model


Creative and awesome! Together with you and your team, we develop parameters and values so that you can identify and assess (export) opportunities, innovations and potentials for your company 24/7 in a dashboard.

We are the intelligence!

Artificial intelligence does not solve any problems

Why do children learn mental arithmetic first and then how to use the calculator? Because using the calculator requires knowledge of the mathematical fundamentals. And it is the same with artificial intelligence (AI). Anyone who believes that they can leave the data blind flight behind them and their company with the purchase of an AI solution will fall on their faces. Business intelligence must be learned and understood as the basis for handling and using AI. We accompany you and your company on this fascinating journey Predictive Intelligence (PI).

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