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Brand Activation - The crisis has shown that companies with a strong brand are simply more crisis-proof. The brand carried these companies better through the crisis. The question of why arises. In this context, current Harvard studies clearly show that brands stand for trust in a company. Thus, especially in times of communication crises and shitstorm tsunamis, as this term from marketing rhetorician Mike Kleinemasse im Practical handbook B2B marketing introduced into the discourse is the decisive factor. Because it is about trust. In times when politicians and governments are less and less trusted, as the current Edelman Confidence Index 2021 more than clearly illustrates, companies have been able to regain trust among people.

Brand Activation
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Fig.: Companies regain trust among people (Source:

But companies can only rely on this factor if trust in a brand can also be measured objectively, reliably and validly. Because it's not rocket science that you can only optimize what you can measure. Against this background, FYNEST, in cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, designed and implemented an instrument with which the so-called brand activation can be measured clearly according to scientific criteria. the Brand Activation Index (BAI) is made up of various dimensions that can be used to measure brand equity. This BAI can be used equally for brands of all branches, industries and sectors. Municipalities can also measure their own brand value using the BAI, for example tourist strategies in relation to age groups, customer groups, regions, but also to be able to develop and implement certain tourist offers.

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Fig.: Example of a Brand Activation Index (Source: Seebacher 2022)

All studies and trend analyzes show that brand activation, performance marketing and also employer branding are more important than ever. And it has never been easier than now, because from a technological point of view, the field of Predictive Intelligence in the context of data-driven management but also that of marketing automation, a rapidly growing number of available tools with which brands and marketing can be measured efficiently and effectively.

IMPORTANT TIP: But everything will only work if the concept and competence work symbiotically, because anyone who believes that it is sufficient to acquire artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to solve all data-related problems is mistaken. Or why do our children still learn mental arithmetic first and then how to use a pocket calculator? Think about it and you will come to the conclusion that any technology can only be used sensibly with the necessary competence and only then can it generate added value.

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