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Dream industry: advertising agency. This is how you apply correctly!

Your perfect application in the advertising industry:

Are you dreaming of a creative career? Do you want to let off steam, let your creator vein pulsate and live out your ingenuity day after day? Are you passionate about storytelling and/or design? And it is your "goal to reach" career in an advertising agency? Then applying to an advertising agency is the key step in making your dreams a reality.

But with this dream you join many other creative heads who are just waiting to let their creative potential flow. Welcome to the tough application process in an advertising agency.

Application quintessence: market yourself!

Although we don't have a job advertised at the moment, applications flutter into our virtual FYNEST mailbox several times a day. This proves to us that we are convincing, which is why it is important to us that our future employees convince us as well.

This is how it works in other advertising agencies. Because it starts with you! If you can put yourself in the limelight and market yourself optimally, you will also be interesting for advertising agencies. Because this is how we see whether you have what it takes to give our clients shine and glory.

SOS German lessons: Forget what you learned in school!

We can all remember the German class shortly before the working age, when we were diligently practicing writing applications. The best thing to do is to forget it very quickly, because with this formal 08/15 banter you won’t convince anyone and certainly not FYNEST. Creativity is needed in 2021, even if it may take courage. Now is the time to stand out from the crowd.

In an advertising agency - and especially at FYNEST - it is absolutely permitted to think out of the box and present yourself in an extraordinary way. The only balancing act that you have to manage is that you remain authentic and do not drift into self-love.

Idea genius: THAT is what we want to see in our advertising agency!

Forget WORD and use the tools that are also essential in an advertising agency, because especially if you apply for a creative job with us (content creator, photographer, graphic designer etc.) you have to work with essential tools and master them. The best way to prove that to us is when you apply.

I recommend InDesign for your application. This allows you to ideally lay out your application and make your creative disposition glow. Create a color code for yourself and draw these colors through your application like a red thread. Prepare your application (cover letter and résumé) stylistically and be resourceful when writing. Fascinate us with a story that doesn't turn into a fairy tale.

By the way: don't forget a portfolio with work samples. You can also create a cool logo for yourself and collect additional bonus points with a captivating typography.

You also have the opportunity to shoot an application video. Create a captivating storyboard, convince with exciting recordings and shine with an extraordinary cut that gives us goose bumps.

Above all, web designers convince with a self-designed application website. After all, you are not only presenting yourself, but above all your skills.

Application photo: a picture is worth a thousand words.

You don't like stiff business photos? Well, neither do we. You can let off steam with the application photo. But please pay attention to your clothes and that it still looks professional.

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