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Teamwork at eye level. Each of us has an individual superpower that we use in a targeted, strategic and customer-specific manner. This is how we guarantee you performance at the highest level.

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Eight heads, eight own ideas & countless individual ideas, but a common vision: to make our customers happy, to lead them to success with our skills and to create a USP for each individual customer. That is the successful team of the advertising agency FYNEST from Graz. We cannot all do the same thing, but each of us has strengths that are essential for the advertising industry. Because we work in a focused and specialized manner, we can provide you with the optimal result for your needs. Whether branding, web design, photography, cinematics, the establishment of an important professional network and much more. - FYNEST is at your side as a competent partner in all areas.
Bernd Trummer
Uwe Fynest 2
Prof. Dr. Uwe Seebacher (MBA)
Angelina Rechberger
Mario Niederl
Verena fox
Paul Seebacher
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teamwork at eye level.
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