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5 must have SaaS design principles for landing page conversions

5 tips for landing page conversions

The design, content, and usability of your entire website affect how potential customers see your brand. However, the importance of a well-designed and thought-out page reaches a boiling point on your landing pages.

While your entire website will cater in different areas for your different users on their unique step in the buyer's journey, landing pages are tailored for the action. So, somehow, conversion efficiency is really important. The strength of landing pages lies in their ability to:

Generate Leads - Landing pages are born for this, and their effectiveness is the engine of your business.

Uncover Demographic Data - Information gathered about a lead from a landing page is essential to the understanding of the user

Guide visitors to decision making - if done well, information and actions for users will be designed to make decision making easy

When landing pages work, they become a major driver of your lead generation efforts. Now let's examine how you can make landing pages work for you.

How to Build SaaS Landing Pages That Convert

Your SaaS website offers you the opportunity to inform and convince potential users on a variety of pages. With landing pages, however, you only have one try. Here are the top five design principles for creating SaaS landing pages that convert.

Easy navigation

A SaaS landing page is just a single page on your website, but that doesn't mean we want to trap visitors there. While it's true that we shouldn't overwhelm them with options and content, there is a real way to get the curious to see the site.

An analysis of the SaaS landing pages showed that the average number of navigation elements is 4. Being limited to just a handful of navigation options forces you to choose carefully which information and pages will best serve the type of user who will be visiting the page. Some common navigation items include pages for your products and solutions, your prices, and who the SaaS is for.

In addition, 63%'s SaaS landing pages use "sticky" navigation. When a landing page uses sticky navigation, only a few key navigation options, such as a CTA, remain at the top of the screen as the visitor scrolls down. In the Mapbox example below, the navigation is only reduced to a CTA when scrolling down the page, so the focus remains on the conversion.

Convincing offer above the scrollings

There's no doubt that the content and copy of your landing page matter, but its design and placement also have an impact. The design of your SaaS landing page copy needs to be easy to read, clean, and your compelling offer should be above average. The important information above the fold puts a visitor's entire focus on what you have to say, and its placement at the top means it's the first element they see.

In addition to the text, your “hero” image must be presented in order to present your company and your offer. This can be achieved by humanizing the product by inserting a picture of a person, as in the example below.

Your “hero” image doesn't even have to be a picture. It could be a video to better explain your value proposition or an animation like Muzzle showing how your product works.

Content needs space to breathe, or “white space”. Not only are they limited to the color white, but elements of the landing page must be spaced enough apart that they are easy to read and do not become frustratingly cramped.

The importance of white space means you don't have to fear long landing pages because scrolling is a natural user response. In fact, both short and long examples of successful SaaS landing pages can be found.

There are several types of white space, such as: For example, the space between small elements like photos and captions, and space added around elements to make the page more dynamic and structured. Regardless of the type of text, the white space helps to direct the reader's eye, to make a page look more valuable and to optimize opt-in forms.

MailChimp adds white space around items with a long side so that each section draws attention exclusively to it. While it's true that the page is long, it gives the reader (or scroller) a much more enjoyable and impactful experience; Visual Social Proof

Social evidence in the form of testimonials, case studies, number of customers, major brands using your product, or mentions in the press can be meaningful. However, they need to be presented in the right way.

One way to provide social proof for your landing page is to add visuals that reinforce the testimonials and make them more visually impressive.

Shopify does this in the example below by illustrating their global reach. It seems easy, but adding a picture of the world behind your copy of the power of entrepreneurs around the world makes the point clear. A picture like the globe breaking up sections of text is also more attention-grabbing than texts and numbers alone.

Bold and clear CTA

The importance of the CTA is obvious, especially on a landing page. The primary goal of a page is to stimulate action and generate leads. You should believe that you need to spend time testing and perfecting them.

In addition to your copy, bold and eye-catching buttons will greatly aid your SaaS landing page conversion goals. But what does bold and conspicuous actually mean? A perfect CTA button has a color that contrasts sharply with the surrounding page and is large enough not to be outshone. Also, your CTA button shouldn't be surrounded by too many elements to obscure its meaning. CTA buttons also need white space!

One way to make sure your CTA button is bold enough is to do the "blur test". Using an image editing program, blur a screenshot of the landing page and CTA design you were thinking of and see if it still stands out. Prototypr presented the following examples.

In this first example, the inverted triangle of the heading and the copy funnel leads your eyes to a bold black button. This CTA passes the fuzziness test.

On the flip side, Oracle's website didn't fare as well on the fuzziness test. Your white CTA button is contracted with the black background, but it's surrounded by the copy and is overwhelmed by Oracle's big red logo.

Here's a fun fact: most SaaS CTA buttons are made up of less than five words and are either green or blue. The above examples of blurring tests do not follow these color rules. Maybe there's a reason so many SaaS landing pages choose blue or green. You don't think it could be because they tested their CTA buttons, do you? There's only one way to find out: try it yourself.

Next Steps

If you follow the design principles we've covered, you'll be one step ahead of the competition. However, it is important to test the design and elements of landing pages to increase conversion rates. If you do, you'll be even further ahead of the competition as the companies' 61% are running 5 or fewer tests per month on their website.

Even websites that performed well in the past can become less effective. Items to test include page length, white space, layout, the pages you are navigating to, copy, and yes; even blue and green CTA buttons. Establish an organized A / B testing strategy to ensure the findings are clear and testing is streamlined. Do this instead of trying out new landing page elements at random. However, even the most carefully planned A / B tests may not tell the full story. This is why it's so important to use heatmaps in addition to A / B testing to get a full understanding of how your users are reacting on your website.

What are you waiting for? Let's start by testing and perfecting your high converting SaaS landing page.

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