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likes don't
pay your bills.
sales do.
likes don't pay your bills.
sales do.

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B2B sales

Want a busy schedule?  Your fully automated and highly efficient lead machine that reliably generates new customer inquiries.


Do you want more sales in your e-commerce shop? Your highly efficient sales machine that reliably increases your sales.


Are you looking for the right staff? We reach your future employees with the latest micro-targeting methods.


different by design -
different by design -
different by design -

Advertising agency Graz FYNEST

digital branding is not only our daily business, but also our passion. we measure traffic where it makes sense and where you benefit from it. In addition to everything that is digital, we also like coffee. preferably in good company, when discussing your project.
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Efficient advertising agency products

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for complex industries

branding & ads

Brands are like good friends - they accompany us throughout our lives. One more reason to give your brand an unmistakable identity, a charming character and an essential recognition value. And if you want a little more now and then, we'll get you there even faster with our digital campaigning. Because digital strategies are what we are passionate about. 24/7, 365 days a year.


Curtain up for your virtual stage show! Because a website is much more than your digital business card - it is emotion, elegant design and concentrated know-how at the same time. We ensure that it is not only found in the data universes of this world, but also performs properly. And yes, with the same passion and attention to detail, we also develop online shops that exceed your goals.  

content production

For us, a photo is much more than a snapshot and a video is far from just a visual impression.
That's why we have sworn our love for good content production and are only just beginning to tell stories through our lens. Whether in 16:9 format for social channels or high-resolution as an eye-catcher for your image video - we deliver what you really need.

Insight Analysis Workshop

We analyze your traffic on all relevant channels. Once we have gotten an idea of your situation, we speak plain language about the optimization of your digital strategy.
  • first voting date
  • Definition of goals and KPIs
  • In-depth online analysis
  • joint development of a targeted strategy
  • Hands-on optimization suggestions
    for immediate use
  • Evaluation date
    and feedback session


In addition to analyzing your data, one thing counts above all: a deeper insight into your business. Only then can we optimize in a targeted manner and together drive your growth even faster over a longer period of time.
  • first voting date
  • Definition of goals & KPIs
  • In-depth online analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Market research
  • Ideation of suitable growth hacks
  • Joint Strategy Sprint and
    Integration of the developed steps
  • Support in the implementation phase as well as ongoing evaluation talks
  • Evaluation date
    and feedback session

Branch winner package

Good ideas need time, which we are happy to take. Adapted to your goals, we recreate your brand together. At all relevant touchpoints we challenge with accumulated knowledge.
  • first voting date
  • Definition of goals & KPIs
  • in-depth online analysis & account audits of the existing channels
  • Target group analysis
  • Market research
  • Brand & Growth Hack Idea
  • joint design & strategy jumps
  • Touch point analysis
    all relevant channels
  • Common implementation in
    all journey phases
  • Ongoing evaluation talks
  • Process definitions and workshop for
    independent continuation

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